Image by Oxana Lyashenko


Surviving cancer changes one's perspective on the important things in life.  In fact, you realize they are not things at all, but the loved ones you are blessed to have as a part of your life.   During the COVID-19 virus, I was so touched by people over the entire globe joining together to support and encourage local children who were missing their friends and family, that it inspired me, first to put a teddy bear (or several) in my windows, and later to write a rhyming story for these kids. 


Bears in Windows is a time capsule of sorts for the children who have lived social distancing, on-line schooling, and hopefully a trip in the car to count teddy bears and see other wonderful ways neighbors lifted their spirits.  This book is a must for every child who not only lived it, but who will one day want to tell their children and grand-children about the time they stayed inside for months, sacrificing momentary pleasures to help keep others healthy and safe.

Cheryl Hinckley

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